Life... Love... Kumbh...

Life... Love... Kumbh... Description:

The story in Life Love Kumbh is told from the perspective of the three main characters Annant Agastaya and Aditi Their paths cross on January It is the day before the first of the eleven sacred baths of the Haridwar Maha Kumbh br The three characters meet each other and exchange their stories They remember the days gone by and are unsure about what lies ahead br As the Kumbh Mela draws towards an end all three of them are thrown into a challenging situation that they have to face The book then follows their journey as they try and find answers for their personal quests all at the same time on life love and the thirst for knowledge

Rating: 3.45 out of 5

The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu

The Chronicle of Sapta Sindhu Description:

The book is perhaps India s first proto historical novel and tells us the tale of the people of Indus Valley and its adjoining cities br It tells us a story of how the people of Sapta Sindhu untie to face the challenges of natural disasters and the Greek invasion in the year BC br A wonderful tale of valor adventure faith love romance wars peace Rudreeshwar the discovery of Sanjivini Wars at Zahaden Zarang and Zabol all in Afghanistan br It also helps us understand the political development of our nation br Also the Rig Veda and Avesta Zoroastrian holy book find a prominent place in this book br In times like these the book talks of the places like Iraq Mesopotamia Iran Arianna Plains of River Helmand Afghanistan Syria Jordan which were once he cradle of civilization and are now termed as a rogue nations br In today s times of wars and strifes the book talks of peace and culture

Rating: 3.34 out of 5

Alchemist of the East

Alchemist of the East Description:

The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of gaining wisdom following one s heart and above all chasing one s dreams br br br This is a story of Sushyo a toy maker from Mesopotamia who wishes to travel all over the world and spread the message of peace and joyousness br From his home in the city of Nineveh on the banks of river Tigris he voyages to the land of seven rivers Melhua br What unfolds is an adventure of epic proportion with his destiny throwing at him one challenge after another probing him in the most frightful manner br An apocalyptic encounter with the Alchemist of the East prepares him for the road ahead br As events occur rapidly the boy finds himself a part of a legacy for which he will have to face up to the ruler of Arianna Queen Kassandrra in an epic battle on the banks of river Helmand br br br br The author pledges his share of the earnings from this book to the Prime Minister s National Relief Fund as a part of his effort towards the rehabilitation work in the Kedarnath region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand The author was a witness to the catastrophe that occurred in the Kedar Valley on of June and did his best to assuage the sufferings of the victims of this horrendous tragedy

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


Life..Love..Kumbh.. Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.37 out of 5