Submarine Description:

The dryly precocious soon to be fifteen year old hero of this engagingly offbeat debut novel Oliver Tate lives in the seaside town of Swansea Wales At once a self styled social scientist a spy in the baffling adult world surrounding him and a budding hormone driven emotional explorer Oliver is stealthily and perhaps a bit more nervously than he d ever admit nosing his way forward through the murky and uniquely perilous waters of adolescence His objectives Uncovering the secrets behind his parents teetering marriage unraveling the mystery that is his alluring and equally quirky classmate Jordana Bevan and understanding where he fits in among the pansexuals Zoroastrians and other mystifying fascinating beings in his orbit br br It s in my interests to know about my parents mental problems he reasons Thus when he discovers that his affable dad is quietly struggling with depression Oliver marshals all the daytime TV pop psychology wisdom at his command not to mention his formidable uninhibited powers of imagination in order to put things right again But a covert expedition into the mysterious territory of middle aged malaise is bound to be tricky business for a teenager with more to learn about the agonies and ecstasies of life than a pocket thesaurus and his worldly school chum Chips can teach him br br Ready or not however Oliver is about to get a crash course His awkwardly torrid and tender relationship with Jordana is hurtling at the speed of teenage passion toward the inevitable magic moment and whatever lies beyond And his boy detective exploits have set him on a collision course with the New Age old flame who s resurfaced in his mother s life to lead her into temptation with lessons in surfing self defense and maybe seduction Struggling to buoy his parents wedded bliss deep six his own virginity and sound the depths of heartache happiness and the business of being human what s a lad to do Poised precariously on the cusp of innocence and experience yesterday s daydreams and tomorrow s decisions Oliver Tate aims to damn the torpedoes and take the plunge

Rating: 3.76 out of 5

Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon Description:

At a once vibrant communal living property in the British countryside back to basics fervor has given way to a vague discontent A place that once buzzed with activity from the polytunnels to the pottery shed now functions with a skeleton crew Founder Don Riley surveys his domain with the grim focus of someone who knows what s best for everyone and isn t afraid to let them know Especially when those people are related to him br br Don s wife Freya can t quite decide whether not liking someone anymore is enough reason to end a twenty year marriage So she decamps to a mud yurt in the woods to mull it over Their seventeen year old daughter Kate enrolls in school for the first time in her life the exotic new world of fellow teenagers and surprisingly tasty cafeteria food beckons and she is quickly lured into the arms of a meathead classmate In his sister s absence eleven year old Albert falls under the spell of an outlandish new visitor to the community who fills his head with strange notions of the impending end of the world br br Faced with the task of rescuing his son from apocalyptic fantasies his daughter from the clutches of suburbia and his wife from her increasingly apparent desire to leave him Don convinces himself that the only way to save the world he s created is to throw the biggest party of his life Will anyone show up br br From the acclaimed young author of i Submarine Wild Abandon i is a strange and wonderful look at love familial and romantic returned and rebuffed and the people and places we choose to call home

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Faber New Poets 5

Faber New Poets 5 Description:

Funded by Arts Council England Faber New Poets aims to identify and support emerging talents at an early stage in their careers Through a programme of mentorship bursary and pamphlet publication the scheme offers four poets a year the time guidance and encouragement they require to help in the development of their work in the longer term In the awarded poets are Joe Dunthorne Annie Katchinska Sam Riviere and Tom Warner

Rating: 3.28 out of 5

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

The Truth About Cats & Dogs Description:

Description br Welcome to The Truth About Cats and Dogs a failed collaboration between novelist Joe Dunthorne and poet Sam Riviere Switch between their diaries their poems their private resentments and public enthusiasms Though there is no right way to read the story someone must have the last word br br About The Author br Sam Riviere is an English poet He has had two books of poetry published by Faber Austerities and Kim Kardashian s Marriage Sam also holds a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA Joe Dunthorne is a British novelist He is the author of Submarine which was also made into a film and the novel Wild Abandon about growing up on a commune This is their first book together

Rating: 3.51 out of 5

The Adulterants

The Adulterants Description:

Ray Morris is a tech journalist with a forgettable face a tiresome manner a small but dedicated group of friends and a wife Garthene who is pregnant He is a man who has never been punched above the neck He has never committed adultery with his actual body He has never been caught up in a riot nor arrested nor tagged by the state nor become an international hate figure Not until the summer of when discontent is rising on the streets and within his marriage Ray has noticed none of this Not yet br em br br The Adulterants em would be a coming of age story if its protagonist could only forget that he is thirty three years old Throughout a series of escalating catastrophes our deadpan antihero keeps up a merciless mental commentary on the foibles and failings of those around him and the vicissitudes of modern urban life internet trolls buy to let landlords open marriages and the threat posed by more sensitive men But the wonder of em The Adulterants em is how we feel ourselves rooting for Ray even as we acknowledge that he deserves everything he gets

Rating: 3.60 out of 5

Generation Txt

Generation Txt Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Critical Responses to my Last Relationship (Fast Fiction)

Critical Responses to my Last Relationship (Fast Fiction) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.57 out of 5

Where You Are: A Collection of Maps That Will Leave You Feeling Completely Lost

Where You Are: A Collection of Maps That Will Leave You Feeling Completely Lost Description:

Every day we map We map how we get from a to b We map when we re somewhere new and somewhere we ve been many times before We map ourselves our days our thoughts memories what we want to mark save and share Today it seems that most of the time despite all this mapping we actually don t have a clear sense of where we are br br i Where You Are i a collection of new work explores the shift from our classic understanding of map as geography to a more personal human map This collection of new writings photographs drawings thinking looks to explode the map as we know it A book of maps that puts people not destinations at the centre hoping to leave readers feeling completely lost br br A collection of work edited by Visual Editions made with help by our friends at Google Creative Lab published as a book and on the screen

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

One for the Trouble: Book Slam Volume 1

One for the Trouble: Book Slam Volume 1 Description:

i One for the Trouble Book Slam Volume One i is Book Slam s first annual a collection of newly commissioned stories and poetry from some of their illustrious alumni available as hardback eBook Audiobook and shortly multiplatform app

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

New Welsh Short Stories

New Welsh Short Stories Description:

The best of contemporary Welsh short story writing i New Welsh Short Stories i offers a wide ranging view of a country from new and established writers including Stevie Davies Trezza Azzopardi Joe Dunthorne Cynan Jones Deborah Kay Davies and Rachel Trezise Stories range from the personal to the universal from the streets of urban south Wales to the wilder reaches of small town and countryside from film sets to the limits of time and space br br Other authors include Joao Morais Zillah Bethell Sarah Coles Tyler Keevil Jo Mazelis Kate Hamer Mary Ann Constantine Tom Morris Maria Donovan Robert Minhinnick Carys Davies and Holly M ller

Rating: 3.80 out of 5